Frequently Asked Questions

Where is GreenDECK decking manufactured?

GreenDECK decking is manufactured in "Skūņi", Daugmales pagasts, Ķekavas novads, Latvia.

What should be done in winter time when GreenDECK decking is covering with ice and becomes slippery?

Just as any other surface, during winter GreenDECK is covered with ice and becomes slippery. In this case salt can be put on the surface.

What to do when during winter ice is covering GreenDECK decking boards?

Just as on any other surfaces GreenDECK decking might get covered with ice and becomes slippery. In icing and snow-cases GreenDECK terrace boards can be strewed with salt.

What happens if GreenDECK terrace boards will be influenced by high temperatures, such as fallen cigarette ashes or barbecue charcoal?

As GreenDECK terrace boards consist of wood, it is heat-resistant up to 160 ° C. In case hot objects fall on the boards, just like in hardwood floor case, black stains will form on GreenDECK decking. Coal ash soil can be removed with fine sandpaper.

Does spilled oil or wine GreenDECK damage the surface of the boards?

Oil and grease stains must be removed as soon as possible. Cleaning with a degreasing detergent from available household chemicals range. Then rinse with plenty of clean water. Spilled wine is best to wash immediately with clean water. If spilled wine or oil are not cleaned in a timely manner, they can leave stains. Stains may be removed with fine sandpaper.

Does GreenDECK decking become gray and bale under solar influence?

Under solar influence GreenDECK decking does not become gray and will not crack. Due to the material composition, GreenDECK terrace boards are highly resistant to UV rays and prevents them from cracking. Over time GreenDECK boards may change the original color, but they shall not vote and lose color. A slight color tone change will only highlight the wooden texture.

How is GreenDECK decking nurtured?

GreenDECK decking requires minimal maintenance. Care is simple - wash with lukewarm water. In case of serious dirt, we recommend to carry out washing with high pressure water jet. High pressure jet pump pressure must not exceed 80 bar. Jet nozzle must not be placed closer than 20 cm to the surface. To prevent damage, wash the boards in the longitudinal direction.

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