GreenDECK decking

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Sick and tired of painting your deck?

A good wooden terrace perfectly complements any back yard, but for the deck to look good for a long time, it needs to be tended regularly – impregnated, painted every couple of years, and it must be regularly cleaned from moss. This is a laborious and expensive process, especially if you are not willing to do it yourself and need to hire workers to do it for you. Therefore, for practical and economical reasons, long-lasting outdoor decking made of wood and polymer composite (WPC) is becoming increasingly popular. WPC decking boards are widely used in outdoor cafes as well as backyard garden terraces, balconies, pool flooring and boat docks.


Manufactured in Latvia - with reverence for nature


"WPC GreenDECK" Ltd. is a company that draws knowledge and experience from abroad to manufactures high quality decking boards with the brand name "GreenDECK" right here in Latvia, Aizkraukle. Over the years, the company has developed an optimal approach to decking board production. GreenDECK decking boards are particularly suitable for the changing climate of our region, as they are made from local Baltic softwood timber, which is highly resistant due to the constant climate changes – long winter and short summer periods. A high-quality, raw and impurity-free polyethylene is included in the composition of GreenDECK decking boards, making them extremely durable. It should be emphasized that no trees are cut down for the production of GreenDECK decking boards. Wood fibers used in manufacturing are raw materials, carefully collected from carpentry factories and recycled for the production of GreenDECK decking.


slapjš-kompozītmateriāla-dēlis.jpgEco friendly and sustainable

Forget painting and impregnation

GreenDECK decking production process uses extrusion technology. Decking boards are produced under high temperature and high pressure conditions, and they consist of 60% natural wood fibers and 40% eco-friendly polymer. Wood fibers give GreenDECK decking boards the natural texture of wood, while the polymer confers longevity and durability, as well as making the material easy to take care of. In contrast to wooden boards, GreenDECK decking boards do not need to be impregnated, painted or oiled. It is sufficient to occasionally wash the boards with water. GreenDECK decking is highly resistant to moisture and the harmful effects of exposure to sunlight. They are also resistant to fungal and insect exposure. In general, GreenDECK decking boards have more than ten years of dependable service warranty without using any additional protection.